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Free virtual conference. Suitable for everyone.

Our Call for Presentation has closed.

Stay tuned for our full schedule, but follow us on Twitter as we’re excited to reveal the presentations.


What is Intro Sec Con?

Everyone who joins the Information Security community comes via their own path.  Along the way, friends, mentors, and colleagues join you to help build projects, hack gadgets, or capture flags.  We build these communities and it is there that we can learn, play, and grow.

Intro Sec Con is way to bring our communities closer, so that we may all learn from each other, regardless of where we are on our journey.

There is no cost.  There is no registration.  There are no expectations.  You are welcome to watch the talks, join the discussion, and even to present something you’re learning about, so that others may learn from you.

All Intro Sec Con-generated content is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States (CC BY 3.0 US)
All participant- and speaker-generated content remains property of its creator.